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Cosmetic mud from the dead sea

Body Care

Dry mud is a completely new product on the European market, although the production process of this product is surprisingly easy. Dry mud is obtained from black, cosmetic mud. It is collected from the Dead Sea shores in a traditional way (manually) the mud is later placed on the specially prepared platform where it undergoes the process of drying in the sunshine. The Dead Sea region characterizes with scarce rains, most of the year climate is hot and sunny. In such conditions mud becomes dry very quickly. Later it is ground and sterilized with UV rays, in such state it reaches our customers (without any chemical substances or artificial preservatives). What is interesting is that freshly collected mud is completely black and only after exposure in the sunshine it changes the color into coffee-brown. Despite the color change for lighter shade, dry mud retains all its precious healthy and cosmetic properties the same as the freshly collected wet mud.

The mud can be used in the form of masks and compresses on the whole body. It is extremely effective for everyday care of oily and combination skin type, it is invaluable against acne and any impurities caused by clogged pores.

Face masks should be applied once a week, the optimal time of the application is 15 minutes, before applying the mask for the first time it is advised to check any possible side effects on the small area of the skin. The mud should be washed off with warm water before it becomes dry completely. Symptoms like red skin or slight irritation are normal because mud is a strong substance, if the symptoms are more severe resign from applying the mask.

Preparation of mask and compresses from the dry mud is extremely simple. Measure the quantity of the dry mud necessary for the final application. For the face masks the recommended quantity is several teaspoons. Mix the powder with the water in the small pot (1 portion of water for seven portions of mud), mineral water is the most preferable, boiled water is also recommended, avoid tap water.

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